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A luxury boutique hotel in Menorca

Ca Na Xini is peace, unspoilt nature, and traditional country activities – the farms neighbouring the rural hotel, in Hort Sant Patrici, wine-growing, cheese-making with the Mahón-Menorca Appellation, and a small output of extra virgin olive oil.

Ca Na Xini is a charming hotel designed for an adult audience, ‘Adults Only’ a great luxury boutique hotel Menorca.

What could be more relaxing and enriching that having for breakfast local meats and cheeses with a good selection of breads using extra virgin olive oil while you contemplate the olive trees that have produced it? Or, why not find out how the cheese you are eating it’s been produced jus 50 meters ahead? In Ca Na Xini we also offer you the opportunity to learn all the secrets of the wines we produce carefully in our cellar during your stay on the island while accompanied by some local dishes at our restaurant or even a glass from the terrace of your room.

It will be our pleasure to help you discover the best landscapes and some of the walking routes by the ‘Cami de Cavalls’ most beautiful, know our craftsmanship, understand our prehistory visiting one of the most mysterious and iconic sites such as Taulas or navetas. The real protagonist is the person and the environment, without hurry or strain or excursions marked by stressful times.

In short, a unique Boutique Hotel in Menorca with a natural but modern atmosphere




Menorca. The different island

Menorca is blessed with more than 75 beaches, one third of which are totally virgin. Just to name a few, include Pregonda, Escorxada, Presili, is Talaire, Cala Pilar, Cavalleria, Turqueta, the Vall, etc. But beyond these small paradises of sand and crystalline waters, it also has beautiful natural places where you are completely lost and changing depending on the time of year as the Cova des Coloms, sa Bassa Verda or any of the different sections the Horse Riding Track.

The location of Ca Na Xini, right in the center of the island, is ideal for exploring the island from the interior areas and enjoy one of the last paradises of the Mediterranean.

Menorca has the privilege of being the first point of Spain in seeing the sun, but it really is spectacular are the sunsets from the lighthouse of Cavalleria or Punta Nati, and if it can be accompanied by a glass of our Minorcan wines HORT. … best.

Our island also invites you to experience a gastronomic tradition with influence of all the cultures that have passed through our lands. Take the ‘simple’ products such as cheese with protected designation of origin that every day we make and that you can taste during breakfast or our award-winning wines to accompany you on a quiet starry night on the terrace overlooking the vineyards with the most delicious typically elaborations as oliaigo Menorcan lobster, stuffed zucchini and a long list of dishes of humble origins but with great ingredients and high doses of tradition and respect for the product.